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Property Owners
  • How am I paid?
    • The property owner is paid within 24 hours of the hunt confirmation payment.
  • What fee does Click Bid Hunt charge?
    • 40% of the total transaction.
  • Do I have to commit to a minium number of hunts per year?
    • No - that's what is great about Click Bid Hunt. You will have 3 options once receiving a bid to hunt on your property - Accept/Counter/Decline. You will also have an option to set a Hunt Now Price.
  • How should I interact with hunters on my property?
    • How you interact with hunters on your property is up to you but we recommend you limit interaction (especially during a hunt). If there is an emergency use your best judgement. If there are any issues with the hunters please contact Click Bid Hunt directly at 859-462-7222. We will handle the issue very quickly.
  • Can hunters stay overnight?
    • YES - primitive camping is permitted on all properties for any hunt that is booked for more than one day.
  • What if my property is damaged?
    • Click Bid Hunt will hand property damage on a case-by-case basis. We ask our hunters to respect the property and to leave it better than they found it.
  • ATV/UTV Use
    • This is part of the bid process. Please review the bid carefully in regards to ATV/UTV permission.
  • How do I get the property address?
    • To protect our property owners the address is only released after the hunt confirmation is fully processed including payment.
  • Can I camp overnight?
    • Yes. Primitive camping is permitted on all properties for any hunt that is booked for more than one day.
  • What about tree stands?
    • Climbers and no permanent stands are permitted on all properties.
  • How does the property owner know who I am?
    • The property owner and hunter will receive a unique confirmation number for the hunt. We request that our hunters place that number in the dash of the vehicle parked on the property.
  • What if I'm hurt on the property?
    • Click Bid Hunt covers our hunters and property owners on all properties with hunters liability insurance.
  • What if I need to reschedule or cancel my hunt?
    1. You can request a date change with the property owner
    2. You can post and sell your hunt
    3. Click Bid Hunt does not refund booked hunts
If you have more questions please contact Click Bid Hunt directly at 859.462.7222 or email your questions to